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Out now: CD "WINTER"

Solo Piano Improvisation. Title:

1. Amazing Grace
2. Am Kamin
3. Space
4. Eiskristalle
5. Intermezzo
6. Solitude (Einsamkeit)

7. What's Your Name
8. Snow
9. Rausch ist vorbei
10. Ein Lied für dich
11. Epilog

The CD "WINTER" was recorded at the beginning of February 2020. If you look back to this time, it seems like an island of the blessed. We had concerts, theater, events, and people hugging and touching. Without any fear.

Now, a year later, things are very different. Everything has given way to an incredible reduction and emptiness.

This music seems like a greeting from another world. You can feel the bubbling joy, the temperament, the fullness with every note. The result is a unique document from a time that is now over. WINTER.

Recoding of: Felicitas Eickelberg
Location: Greve Studio, Feb 2020
Released: Feb 2021

Sound editor: Volker Greve
Cover illustration: Manon Scharstein

Concerts & Music

Please note: Due to the current situation, changes at short notice cannot be ruled out. Corona attendence rules apply.

Church Music / Playing the Organ for Church Services

  • Sun, Oct 17 2021; 11 a.m.

    Service in the Nikodemus-Church

  • Sat, Oct 23 2021

    Children's day with church service, handicrafts and organ tour from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., together with Sabine Herms and Pastor Bornemann in the 12-Apostel-Church

  • Sun, Oct 24 2021; 11 a.m.

    Service in the Nikodemus-Church

  • Sun, Oct 31 2021; 11:00 a.m

    Service in the Bekenntniskirche

Autumn song recital

Saturday, November 6th, 2021, 6 p.m. in the parish hall of St. Annen (Gardeschützenweg 17, 12203 Berlin)

We cordially invite you to an autumn recital with piano (Felicitas Eickelberg) and vocals (Hans-Beatus Straub, tenor). Look forward to works by Schumann, Schubert and Strauss as well as opera arias.

Free entry, donations are welcome


Sunday, November 14th, 2021, 6 p.m. in the Ölberg-Kirche Kreuzberg

The concert for the release of the CD "WINTER" will take place in the Ölberg-Kirche (Paul-Lincke-Ufer 29 / corner Lausitzer Straße, 10999 Berlin). More information will follow in good time.

Till the next concert, listen to my music here:

Visit me on Facebook, XING, and LinkedIn.

I perform regularly at the organ during the services at various churches in Berlin.

A selection of my concerts, performances and musical accompaniment of the last few years:



  • June: Participation in the creative competition of the music school Oder-Spree Jutta Schlegel Fürstenwalde. The result can be seen on YouTube: https://youtu.be/bFOHj1SVD5U. The compositions come from students at the Fürstenwalde Music School, supported by their teachers. Contributions with Felicitas are: 6:21 min Richard Kullina's water drops on the piano together with Felix Korinth on the viola and at 18:48 min the song Keep Distance by Matthias Menzel.
  • Frauenmärz: radio art contribution with the Leo Kerstenberg Music School: vocal-musical presentation by 4 music teachers about their own educational and artistic work. Podcast (in German): hearthis.at/theda/frauenmaerz2021podcast/ (at 17:13 min joined impros, at 39:45 interview with Felicitas Eickelberg).

Church Music / Playing the Organ for Church Services:


Piano Concerts:

Church / Organ Music:

  • 2 performances of the song evening "whats up? Anti-heroines on the trip: a musical travel blog with duets from all over the world" with the sopranos Rita Anton und Sibylle Fischer; Works by u. a. Monteverdi, Handel, Purcell, Lully, Mozart, Saint-Saens, Mendelssohnm and Barber.
  • Literary song recital “Lebenslieder” (Songs of Life); an evening with singing, poems, and improvisation on the piano. Piano: Felicitas Eickelberg; Vocals: Manon Scharstein; Concept & direction: Claudia Graue
  • August-December substitute direction of the con-brio choir Fürstenwalde; e.g. Christmas concerts
  • Short appearance with Julia Kadel as part of the Young Euro Classics for the lecture "Why jazz and classical music meet so rarely" by PD Dr. Daniela collector
  • CD release concert with the CD "If Spring"
  • On the organ: musical accompaniment for various services, e.g. B. in the Queen Luise Memorial Church, the Genezareth Church Neukölln, the Twelve Apostles Church, the Rogate Monastery St. Michael, the Johannesstift Spandau, the Nicodemus Church Neukölln, the Markus Church in Steglitz and in the Martin Luther Church Berlin
  • Women's services of the Ecumenical Women's Center Evas Arche
  • Church service for the opening of the 27th Lesbian and Gay Festival
  • Old St. Matthäus Kirchhof Berlin - Musical accompaniment of the event "Women in the mourning culture" as part of the 160th anniversary of the church yard
  • Silent film concerts in the Genezareth Church Berlin - i.a. to Charlie Chaplin movies

Concert Invitations

Church Music

Service Announcements

My Music

Coming Soon: Organ Improvisations Vol. II

My second organ CD is in progress, recorded on the Schuke organ in the 12 Apostle Church. You can look forward to a cross-section of the church year, as well as highlights such as Gershwin's Summertime, trout variations, some classics of film music in a medley and a new improvisation of children's songs.

Many thanks to the team for making this possible, especially to the church musician Christoph Hagemann, but also to Pastor Burkhard Bornemann, to the church staff and of course to my sound engineer Volker Greve.

If Spring

CD If Spring (2018)


Part one: Evening

1. Greensleeves Variations
2. Water Games
3. Deep
4. Into the Wild
5. Fountain
6. Big D

Part Two: Morning

7. If Spring
8. Blissful
9. Clusters
10. Stalactites
11. In My Head
12. In Tierces
13. Pulsations

"If Spring" tells of:

  • What happens if spring returns to a dead heart;
  • What could have happened if spring had come to a love that was unhappy;
  • What could happen if spring came again this year and every year; in the heart AND in nature; and in life.

All these "Ifs" and the whole spring; in the heart and in nature, shall be expressed in this music.

Recording of: Felicitas Eickelberg at Steinway D Piano
Location: Nikodemus Church Berlin, Feb 2017
Released: Dec 2018

Sound editor: Stephanz Kunz
Cover-Illustration: Manon Scharstein

Organ Improvisations

CD Orgelimprovisationen (2015)

Organ improvisation
Felicitas Eickelberg at the Schuke organ in the 12-apostle church Berlin-Schöneberg
Sound editor: Stephan Kunz
Released: 2015

White Wednesday

CD White Wednesday (2010)

Piano Solo Improvisation
: Felicitas Eickelberg at Steinway B
Sound editor:
Stephan Kunz
CD covers: Manon Scharstein

Released: 2010

Black Tuesday

CD Black Tuesday (2007)

Piano Improvisation
Sound editor:
Stephan Kunz
CD covers: Andrea Brown

Released: 2007

So Sincere

CD So Sincere (2007)

Solo Piano Pieces
Brian Agro
Piano: Felicitas Eickelberg

Released: 2007

Red Monday

Piano Improvisation
Sound editor:
Stephen Sippel

Released: 2001

Sunday, silver plated

Piano Improvisation
Marc Haussmann

Released: 2000

Blue Saturday

Piano Improvisation
Sound editor:
Marc Haussmann
Released: 1999

Music is the language of passion

Richard Wagner



A big thank you to Julia Kadel (Production Assistance), Karl-Erik Enkelman (Digitisation and Distribution of sound samples), Manon Scharstein (Graphics for the CDs), the Sound Masters Stephan Kunz, Stefan Sippel, and Marc Haussmann, the Nikodemus congregation for the reception site, and 12 Apostle Church for organ recordings as well as Klaus Dobler (photos in the Nikodemus Church), Claudia Schneider (website), and Ingo Markert (background graphic).

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